Building details for my blueprint

Okay so here are a list of questions I have in regards to actually designing my coop/run. I am building for 6 hens and I'm planning on making a 12'×6' run with an interior 4'×6' coop 2' up off the ground.

For my run I am thinking about the support 2"×4" boards that will be holding up the chicken wire/screening for my hens. The length of the coop is 12' so I was thinking of having a support every 4', but the width is 6'. Should I be good with the non-coop end being the 6' with no support beam between or should I make that side have my door to enter the coop?

Also, should I be tacking the chicken wire/screening inside of the support beams or outside of them?

What would you recommend for roofing that doesn't break the bank?


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Jun 12, 2017
Regular screen door won't work with the normal screen in it. Hardware cloth 1/2"x1/2" would be much better. The aluminum screen door, may not be enough to hold back a coon. I've had big coons chew through a box trap in a relatively short period of time, so a screen door wouldn't be too far out of the question.

As for roofing, 3 tab shingles are pretty cheap and easy to install (but I was a roofer for many seasons too). Get the 30# felt to put under it too. If you plan on keeping the chickens and your current place, I would suggest metal roof. Once you install it, you'll most likely not have to replace it in your lifetime.

I would attach the wire to the outside of the supports. Just my 2 cents, if the wire is attached on the inside, something could push with much less effort to get in.


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Mar 11, 2017
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I agree with @pintail_drake2004 , attach the wire fencing on the outside of the fence posts.

Since your coop is small (way smaller than a human house) you may be able to get discounted damaged bundles of shingles from the hardware store. You won't need too many good ones to adequately cover your chicken coop. For my coop I got used shingles when I noticed a neighbor getting a new roof. They had enough damage that they needed a new human roof, but there were more than enough good shingles left to cover a small chicken coop.

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