Building new pheasant pens


7 Years
Aug 29, 2012
In the process of building some new pens for some new birds that will be comming here at the end of the month. My question is would 8'x8' be big enough for one pair of red golden and those kinds of pheasants. The frame is 24'x24' so I can get 9 8'x8' or 6 8'x16' or 3 8'x24'. So I am debating what to do. Also I would like to use soft mesh for the top. Was looking at a 50'x50' 2"mesh for $60 at amazon had anyone used it? Dose anyone have somewhere else to get some that they recommend? My issue is the heat down here in Florida. They are under trees so the sun will not be much of a issue. Once I finish this one I will start working on the other one. Thinking 40'x60' L shape 18' deep.


In the Brooder
7 Years
Mar 26, 2012
8x8 would be on the small size, especially if you wanted it planted. I would recommend the 8x16 and keep trios vs pairs.

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