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May 29, 2017
Broken Arrow, OK
Can you guys let me know what you think? Currently we have 8 chickens but we have a sneaking suspicion at least one is a rooster that we will have to rehome when the time comes as we can only have hens in our area. We started building our coop and run this weekend. The dimensions are 8x12 (run) and 4x8 for the coop. Our nesting boxes are 13 inches deep and will be 12 inches tall and 12 inches wide. Are these big enough? They seem so small! But all of the dimensions I found said 12x12x12. My biggest concern is with ventilation. The current plan is to leave a gap covered with hardware cloth at the top just below where the roof will be. The roof will be higher on the side where the door is and will angle down towards the other side. Is that enough ventilation for them? I also want to do a window across the back above the nesting boxes and one in the wall across from the nesting boxes. We live in Oklahoma where it will consistently be in the high 90s-100+ throughout the summer. And I'm terrified of them becoming over heated.

Any advice is welcome!

coop1.JPG coop.JPG

Benevolent Barn

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Apr 22, 2017
It does seem small, but is big enough for now. My idea is to build off of what you already have planned. Add the little strip of hardware cloth and the angled roof. But, what you can do is have the roof on hinges so that it can completely open during the day. The, underneath the roof you can have hardware wire so nothing gets in or out. Best of luck, it looks great so far.

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