Built a nest box attachment for two broody hens


6 Years
Mar 10, 2013
My problem began when two Dominique hens went broody, they never returned to the same nest. There are 14 nest boxes, so I guess this confused them! I tried moving the hens to a better (in my eyes) location when it was dark out.(where I had my cochin hatch) They would not take to the new nest and then returned to their nest boxes. OK so I decided to make a unit to attach to the nest boxes for them. If they switch nests thats ok. There is food and water right there, and of course their favorite spot to set. As I was building this....my Black Australorp is now full blown broody setting on a nest on the lower deck.
I kicked her out, she naturally came back, but to the same nest. I will see how that goes.

Top has a hinged lid to access water and food dishes. Hooks to fasten to boxes.So far so good.....

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