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    Oct 31, 2012
    Hey everyone I just got a fresh batch of 10 chicks. However, I have a bully chick. There's one that is always pecking the others, especially the littlest one. Also, there is one who has pasty butt and I was putting warm water on it and trying to pull it off and I ended up pulling off a big piece of fuzz on it's bottom. It didn't open the skin or anything it's just a huge bare spot, should I worry about it? I put vaseline on it. Also, here's some pictures!



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    Feathers grow back, just remove the pasty or they'll die.

    Some will always be bullies. The more space they have the better.
    They don't need to be in a box. If a broody hen raised them she wouldn't warm all the ambient air. She would have a space under her that was warm and the chicks wouldn't be under there all the time - by choice.

    They need a heat lamp and that's all. If you have them in a box they don't need a heat lamp but just a regular lamp.

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    The "bully" chick is the dominate chick.[​IMG] It is the one who is trying to put the other chicks in order, and it is the one who is telling them who's boss! The pecking order is taking place, don't worry your chicks will be fine. Usually the bigger/ older chick is the boss. Hope this post helps! You have beautiful chicks, by the way. [​IMG]

    ChickenGirl3 [​IMG][​IMG]
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