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Jul 2, 2018
Colchester, Vermont
So one of my RIR is starting to bully one of my Buffs. Up until now, everyone has been fine, no one is currently injured or sick. Hens are about 6 months old. Yesterday, they seemed fine. Today, Little Red is really going after Honey, seeking her out and chasing and pecking her comb. She doesn't seem to be bleeding though. Little Red doesn't seem to be attacking any of the other hens and the other hens are not attacking Honey. Maybe just some beef between the two of them? Is this just a pecking order situation and should I let them work it out? Or should I separate the aggressor, Little Red?
I'd let them work it out as long as there is no blood. It probably is a pecking order dispute. I once had a young leghorn try to bully herself up the pecking order over larger pullets. Then one day I went out to the coop and saw white feathers all over the place, but they were all calm and the fights ended.
Hopefully you have plenty of space for the subordinate to get away.
What is their laying status?
As pullets come into lay, the pecking order can change.

FYI.....semantics, maybe, but can be important communication terms when discussing chicken behavior.
Female chickens are called pullets until one year of age, then they are called hens.
Male chickens are called cockerels until one year of age, then they are called cocks(or cockbirds or roosters).
Age in weeks or months is always a good thing to note.

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