Bully in the brooder


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Feb 11, 2008
Waterloo, Nebraska
Well, the silkies and the jersey giants had to separated. I came in the kitchen and heard crying. A poor little silkie was crying his head off, and a giant was picking on him. The bully was even pinching the silikes beak shut. I guess he didn't was to hear the crying anymore. I made him stop pinching the the other baby and kept a close eye on them. A few minutes later the same big one was pecking the silkie in the butt and making it cry again. So the silkies got their own brooder. The bully has been picking on the others, but they are big enough to push back. The poor little one that was picked on is the smallest. It even looks tiny next to the other silkies.

The bully is very bold. Whenever I put my hand in the brooder, it runs over and pecks me. I'm sure it will be a rooster. It is a beautiful bird. It is big and is a beautiful blue color. Even though it is only a few day old, it has a very regal appearance. Oh well, at least he will have his looks to fall back on because so far his personality isn't too great.:thun
We had a rooster like that when I was a kid. Big beautiful bird that everyone admired when they came to the house; he was the rule of the roost for sure.

He ended up in my mom’s stew pot after she caught him trying to peck my little brother’s eyes.
I still have a scar on my knee from a RIR roo that we had when I was a kid. He nearly killed our Banty roo, and then he attacked me-got me in the knee with a spur. He made yummy stewed chicken that night. I don't remember him being overly aggressive as a chick, though.
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I work the swing shift and just got home from work. And I literally had to pull a buff laced polish out cuz it was attacking some of the chicks. I had already separated an EE for the same thing so I stuck them together. You should have heard how that little EE was screaming when I put that polish in there. It has been fine by itself for 2 days (have to wait for the feed store to open to turn it in) but with the other one in there you would think I was trying to kill it. So I gave in and put it back with all the big chicks. It literally hit the ground running and started jumping and picking and attacking all the chicks so out it went again. I will never tolerate a bully chick, hen or roo. Out they go to the feedstore, someone else can make stew out of them!!
Since the silkies left, he has only picked on one chick (that I saw anyway). He was pecking a black chick's wing. I picked up the black chick and held it for bit. When I put him back, the gray chick (the bully) pecked him again. The cuddling must have given the black chick some confidence because he fought back and pecked the bully very hard in the toe. There hasn't been a problem since. All of the chicks are relatively tame, but my ex-bully is tame and brave. When I change the food and water he tries to get my wedding rings.

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