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    Jul 10, 2011
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    So after reading scads of posts on here, I decide to give all my chickers a good once over. I find that my Mille Fluer D'Uccle has the dreaded Bumblefoot. I wonder how long she has had it. Last year she got caught by a dog and had a puncture wound to her side. We got that healed up and she seemed to be doing well since. But she did always favor one foot. I assumed she had nerve damage due to the dog incident. She lost the tips of several toes on both feet also. Upon inspection she definatly has a bumble on one foot. The textbook presentation of the black "scab". The other foot that has lost toes does not have the black dot. We are planning on doing the scab excision and debridement. After that do I need to dose her with any oral antibiotics ?? She eats, drinks and motors around fine despite the foot ailment. Any other tips are welcome. Thank you!!
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    I would only give oral anti-biotics if there's a sign of infection after you do the debridment, remove the core and give it several days to heal up. just pack the hole with anti-biotic ointment, that should be good enough.

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