Bumble foot not healing....PLEASE HELP -

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11 Years
Jun 12, 2011
My rooster has bumble foot. I followed all the instructions I could find on the post. he scab on the bottom was about the size of a nickle. I pulled it out and was able to get the lump of hard infection out. However, it never did have a "clean" hole like I see in most of the pictures. It is full of stringy looking stuff. He is severely swollen between the toes also. I cut between both toes and again got out a lump of infection. This was three lumps the size of peas or larger, There was also "slivers of hard yellow stuff as well. Overall his foot is the size of a golf ball. I have continued to clean it every day and change bandages. There was really smelly stuff on the bandage today. I am just not sure what to do next. Also, I have been soaking his foot in ebsom salt water. How to I know if I am trying to pull out something that does not need to come out. The yellow stuff that is not hard, is stringy and hard to pull out. He puts up little resistance. he is isolated. He is also eating and drinking. Please let me know if I can do anything else, or if I should do nothing else. How long until I start to see healing?
I had the same thing happen to a hen and it was as bad as you are describing. I think your best bet is taking to the vet to get some good antibiotics to get the infection under control. If the infection gets in the bone there is nothing you can do. I would monitor his weight also. The vet said one clue our hen was suffering was that she consistently lost weight despite all we did. I wish you well.
Thanks, He has had the swelling for about 3 weeks, but had no trouble walking, running etc. We had no idea it was a problem. I am worried it is too bad for us to treat it successfully.
Thanks again.
I'm in the middle (about day 7) of treating a girl with it. When I started doing the research and asking questions, one question was should I give antibiotics. I have penicillin on hand. The response was if, after the initial surgery, I did not start seeing healing and it wasn't getting better, to go ahead and give systemic antibiotics. Do you have any on hand??

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