Bumble foot to purple foot


14 Years
Jun 11, 2008
bloomington indiana
my favorite rooster had bumble foot so I took him to the vet. She cleaned it out and told me how to treat it. I travel so I was out of town , so whe. I got to it ,I had to redo the whole treatment. It was evening and I had to leave town. Told 20 year old daughter to redo wrap the day after in the am. Well she didn’t. And I guess it was too tight. His foot is purple. Keeps turning up and he will not put weight on it. I’ve been soaking it. I do not think he can feel it.
I feel horrible I have crippled him. I’m afraid the vet will want to put him down. He would’ve been better off with bumble foot. I have a rooster who has had it for. Years. Can I make something to help him walk. He just sits. If
I let him out the out the male turkey tries to stop him. I’m sick about it. We hatched him. He,s 4. Or 5. But we love him. A hopping rooster ... help

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