Bumble foot


Feb 2, 2021
South East PA
Today I found bumble foot on one of my buff orpingtons. I had no idea what to do so I brought her inside and soaking her in Epsom salt. I have nothing else to help right now, no pain treatments or anything like that. What should I do?
Can you post pictures of the footpads or bumblefoot? Soaking feet in warm Epsom salts water over 20 minutes for a few days is a good start. Removing the scab and trying to squeeze out any pus or solid cheesy core are next. In some cases surgery may be required. Dress the wound with antibiotic ointment and gauze, then carefully wrap foot with vet wraps strips (not too tight.) This article has a lot of info:
Do you have Neosporin? Chickens can have problems with the pain reliever they use, but the original ointment without pain relief is fine for them.

Would this work? If not we have a farm store near our house and we can pick up stuff for chickens. Another question, we have her inside right now, we have a big fenced in area with food and water and hay for her to sit in like the type in the coop. Would it makes sense if u brought her outside every once in a while so she can enjoy herself? I dont think putting her in the run is a good idea because how dirty it is but would the grass be ok?
That whole brown plug in the foot pad needs to be removed. Either soak in epsom salts, or you can apply decolorized iodine and wrap the foot over night to soften it for removal. You may be able to use just manipulation to get it out, or tweezers may help. Once that's out, flush the area well, chlorhexidine is good (hibiclens), remove any pus or debris. Then fill the area with plain neosporin, or plain triple antibiotic ointment, cover with a piece of gauze or telfa pad and wrap the foot. If you use co wrap or vet wrap strips it should stay clean and dry. Make sure it's not too tight, you don't want to cause swelling or cut off circulation. You will need to change the bandage and wrap daily until you know it's healing well. Sometimes they will start to regenerate and you will need to clean it out again.
Everything you need can be gotten at any pharmacy, most feed stores and tractor supply stores have co wrap in the horse section, I find it works better than most of the stuff for people. You may need to cut it in narrower strips.
I have dealt with bumble foot so many times now. I have found you dont have to remove the scab unless its really bad. I soak their feet in epson salt, then spray microcynAH spray on the effected area(peoole onlime recommened this for bumble foot). If the scabs are small that is all I do every other day. If they are bigger, I use the Hen Healer its a blue ointment for chickens and wrap thier feet. I still do this every other day, I found that every day was tedious and stressfull for the chicken. I only had one chicken I had to remove the scabs and drain the puss and remove the core. It was my first case and I had no idea what I was doing, let it go to long.
If bumblefoot is caught early, and it's small and shallow, then often time topical treatment may be enough. The lesion pictured is too large for that to be effective, so the scab needs to be removed and it needs to be cleaned out.

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