9 Years
Jun 12, 2010
Safford, Arizona
I know its very common for chickens to have bumblefeet, My hen's foot is swollen on the bottom of her foot, theres no cut or black scabs. will the swelling go away ? or what can I do to help?
Hmmm..if there are no scabs (the telling black plug) on the top between the toes either..then at this point my opinion is it's not Bumblefoot. Is it getting bigger? smaller? or staying the same? If it's staying the same, how long has it been that way (that you've noticed)? In the absence of anyone else chiming in and any other symptoms, right now I'd say it's swelling from an injury - like maybe she jumped off of something and landed funny. I'd keep an eye on it and monitor it. One thing that is recommended for bumblefoot that might be helpful here is to let her sleep somewhere soft instead of on a roost. A roost is hard - where as something soft - like a box with bedding - will pad the injury instead of having her weight on it on a hard surface all night. That's all I can think of right now. Anyone else???

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