Bumblefoot in hen


Sep 4, 2018
i have a hen with bumblefoot in both feet. I took the little nubs out and cleaned it but I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to get more out or how because it didn’t look yellow any further. One foot healed and is back go normal but the other foot got worse. The nub is pretty small but the bumps between her toes are puffy and red. I don’t know how to get rid of those bumps and she’s more sensitive to pain than the other hens. I don’t want to cut her foot out if I don’t need to.

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Give her a good 15 or 20 minute foot soak in warm water, preferably with epson salts. After her soak, give her feet a good massage with a dry wash cloth, rubbing down the legs to the tips of her toenails, (with the scales, not against them), and make sure to dry rub the bottoms of her feet too. Might as well oil her legs and feet since she's getting the spa treatment, and it's been known to prevent and even kill mites... For the minute that it takes, it's worth it. Now inspect the underside of her feet and toes carefully, looking for an original wound where the bumblefoot set in or if you're lucky, a scab may have been removed in the dry rub. If there's a scab, pick it off and then squeeze it as if it were a blackhead or cyst. I've read that some cases of bumblefoot can be remedied simply by giving regular foot baths as outlined above, while others require more drastic measures. As always, if you have a willing veterinarian, blah blah blah...
If the chicken is still eating and walking you can treat it at home. Soak her foot in epsom salt for 10 to 20 min, then dry her foot, and pick off any scabs that have formed. the foot should get better within a few weeks.

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