Bumblefoot in Pekin

Crazy Maizie

Jul 3, 2020
Hi yall
A few days back I picked my pekin Munchkin up and noticed a swollen nob on the bottom of her foot. It is in the center of her foot with a teeny tiny black scab. On her other foot the skin is swollen around middle toe.

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I assume this is bumblefoot or at least on her left foot (the one with a big swollen lump and scab on it). I do not have a pic of the bigger swollen lump since I usually have it wrapped. I put vetericyn on then and an Epsom salt poultice on it after soaking it and picking the scab off. The scab on her left foot is tiny like the size of a pin head or smaller and goes deep, or seems to. I picked at it and even tried to dig out more of the scab with tweezers, but didn't get far. I switched to using a drawing salve now and haven't had a chance to soak it a ton since I have a packed schedule. Should I make it a habit to soak her more? The last few days it almost is seeming to get worse. I try to wrap both feet as much as possible and have her locked in the coop right now since my yard is a swamp due to unending rain recently. I give her a break from wraps everyday and put her only in fresh shavings every time.

View attachment 2868092 I also noticed that her feet and beak were pretty hot yesterday, but again she was locked in her coop. I gave her an extra deep dish of water and she seemed to cool off. I switch out buddies for her since she cant stand to be alone and will throw herself at the wall, but I only have four other ducks so each has a few hour shifts. 😅 Our one drake Cletus is traumatized at not being able to be with his girl 24/7 and had been freaking out. I noticed Munchkin usually lying down a lot, my guess is from pain, and she stopped laying eggs for a few days. Thankfully she has started to lay again, I just hopes she continues to! Another thing I have noticed has been her shivering. I mean it is October and the temperature dropped considerately overnight. Is she just cold? Or is she in pain? I'm not sure if we should do surgery or have a vet out? Not sure! Help!!
Hi, could you post this in the duck forum.
Things tend to get lost in the intro forum.
The swelling on the toe is most likely not bumblefoot as it usually happens on the bottom of the foot. Either way, soaking in Epsom salt is the best first step to take.
But, when you repost this in the duck forum, include the pic of the other swelling.

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