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    i have been battling bumblefoot in 2 cochins - ok, one of the cochin girls foot reached a point with bumblefoot where i had to do it, i had been putting it off- i tried all sorts of treatments, but i think this one works- make a poultice of betadine, sugar, tape it on the foot, change it daily until you see the infection get hard around the scab, i did discover the sugar/iodine poultice seemed to bring it to the front so it was a matter of scrape and pull, weird stuff.... more like rubber- here is a pic of it...- i packed it with neosporin, left quite a hole, didn't see any other left in there- so from now on its the sugar and iodine for a few days until its solidified enough to pop it out of there- and i soaked it in epsom salts before, and sprayed with bactine periodically as i was working on it, gently massage the foot and that will loosen it
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    that sounds like a plan, what exactly was your recipe.
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    Thanks for the info. I am about to have to treat a case of bumblefoot here too. [​IMG] I really didn't want to cut his feet.
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    ok, get about a tablespoon of sugar, add enough bentadine to make a paste, thick, put it on gauze and tape it on, i use vetwrap and ducktape, i have them seperated from the other chickens, no roost, just thick litter. change it daily until it gets hard, then you don't cut the foot, but scrape the scab till you can get to the plug and then spray with bactine, massage the foot gently and circular motions, then get the edge of it and pull gently, it will pop out- pack it with neosporin, tape it again- i did wrap her in a towel, held her under my arm, since i had to do this alone- previous to this for a couple weeks i had tried other things, teatree oil, which did work on Bumble if you find it quickly- but i think this may be better- get it done with
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    When did this treatment start? How long has it been since treatment?
    Id love to think that this works, but I have tried it and found that what congeals is a hard muck of the paste and some pus....the kernel may in fact still be inside and may return. The only way to tell is time and also to see if the foot closes up and the chickens endup OK. Thats why Id like to know your timeline and to have updates.
    It would be great if this could be the cure....but early on, years ago, I found this treatment and I used this and also some dmso and sugar spray called granulex, and a variety of things. It will congeal something but its not the actual kernel...there is always alot of pus and chicken pus is like cottage cheese or sometimes rubber, varying from bird to bird....it can also be clearish when its really new....Also, that doesnt look like a kernel to me; it looks like hardened packed sugar and betadine mixed with pus.

    if you look here: http://www.meetup.com/Chickens1/photos/686310/#41239471 you will see an untreated late stage case that didnt have to be cut or dug at. I merely used a tool to pry around the black scab and pushed a little and all of the stuff came out, along with the 3 kernels, one of which was the plug itself with the black end.
    I only softened it by soaking and scrubbing a little. after pushing the pus out I wrapped it. but without the pus, there was a hollow and if I had packed it with sugar and betadine rather than injecting tylan, I probably would have been able to pull out what you have pictured.....Im wondering if there is anything beyond your plug....and the only way to know is to watch it as it heals and to see if the kernel pops up elsewhere. Tjis hen came ot me from someone who was rehoming her and hadnt noticed this infection. she was beside herself when I showed it to her....but it happens if you havent seen this.

    Be aware that there are often more than one kernels in cases where its festered. If you catch it really early, pop out the scab and pack it with anything, it may just heal....but the key is catching it early.
    The chicken pictured in my photos didnt make it because the infection went up her leg and was all in the tendons and bone. But the main part where she had trouble walking and was in pain, was that foot. And getting it out at that late stage took hardly any effort. Just a push....There was just no way to fix the extensive damage of the infection and she went downhill from there. but she was in less pain with the pressure relieved and could be a chicken at least and get around until the end.

    Just dont be so sure that you've got the whole thing, lest it be in there developing.
    and also be aware that while youre trying to find an alternative to cutting, the infection is spreading.
    cutting is often just popping out the plug and sometimes scraping a bit if it looks very bad...but usually rinsing and massaging in the sink can bring all the pus out...and you fine other kernels deeper if the thing has festered....the staph wants to take over the entire chicken and so it sends out pieces of kernel and it travels and encapsulates.

    I do want to know what happens...could be a possiblity for early cases, but Ive stopped thinking that there will be an easier way. Staph is really serious as an infection and if it only took sugar and betadine, then we would be in a different world...
    there is also some drawing salve that Ive tried...anything that draws is good, but Im not sure that it works 100% in all cases...only early cases...and even then, Id use antibiotics injected locally into the foot and up the leg.
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    A little update- it doesn't work this way in every case- my rooster had a seriously swollen webbing between his toes- here are the progression pics on this thread-
    if he would let his bandages stay maybe it would have worked, but i couldn't let it go any further- particularly after reading what cocosandy said...sigh...never a pure straight forward answer- each case is different...

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