Bumblefoot surgery. Should I redo it?

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    Mar 11, 2014
    My 2 year old bantam silver laced wyandotte definitely have a bumblefoot scab on her foot pad. Also it looks like a donut( the scab is on the middle, and tissue forms a ring around it). After I took out the scab with tweezers, I only saw skin( no blood, no internal tissue). I only noticed it last week, but she might have it for a long time, since I didn't check her feet pad for bumblefoot for almost 2 years( I only know about bumblefoot since few months ago). My other chicken have a donut shape infection on her wattles, few weeks ago. I tried to take out only the white cheesy stuff under the donut shape infection, but it regrow back less than 24 hours after surgery. I tried to do another surgery 2 days later, but on that time, I took out the skin above the white cheesy stuff, and the white cheesy stuff. Her once infected wattle look normal today, and the white cheesy stuff never regrow after I took out the skin that forms the donut shape. When I touched the infected part of her wattle, it feels hard. However, when I touched the donut shape part on my silver laced's foot pad, it doesn't feel hard.

    Even though I only saw skin under the scab, I still think it is infected, so I tried to make a hole directly below the scab, cut some skin and scales, and used the pointy end of the knife to make a small hole that is deeper, and then I try to squeeze it several times. I didn't see any pus, and even when I used the tweezers to try to find the kernel, or white tissue, all I can feel that is hard is the bone, and all I can pull is red looking tissue. I think the only white part that I see, was the one connected, to the scales, that is around the hole directly below the scab. Unlike the soft white cheesy stuff found on my other chicken that can be taken out easily with toothpick and through force from squeeze , it is hard, and it can't be taken out with just toothpick. I can cut it though, with scissors easily, so I think it is not a kernel. Is that normal? I thought it was normal( a normal part of living tissue), so I leave it in there.

    I only made a small hole, so maybe I didn't locate the infected part. Should I cut the whole tissue around the scab the forms the donut shape?

    How hard is the kernel? Can it be easily cut using scissors?
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