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Aug 9, 2021
I've never done anything like this but had to do some "surgery" on my sweet Cochins feet. I followed all of the protocol for a sterile environment and used everything that has been suggested. I'm still curious about one thing. On the bottom of her feet was the typical black spot. But to the side of that spot in a crevis was a longer black spot that lead on the top side of her foot to what looked like a callus. I thought it was full of blood but when cutting it nothing happened. I then noticed that it seemed hard and if I pushed on it it came out the underside. It was a hard brown object. It felt and acted like dried blood or dirt or a combination of both. After scrapping off the black spot and pushing the callus out of it's hole I was able to clean everything up and wrap her feet. Probably didn't do the best job of wrapping her feet last night but will change that bandage tonight. I'm going to re soak her feet in betadine and epson salts and reapply the Vetricyn and or Triple antibiotic cream. Re bandage and put her in her little cat carrier with mesh floor made for chickens. She is hanging in the laundry room until she has fully recovered.
What was that hard dark thing? Blood? Callus? Staph???
I'd love to hear what you think.


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