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    WOW, what a bummer. One by one I have been giving away my chickens that I ordered from a hatchery. I got Delaware females, white orpington females, straight run buff orps and straight run golden laced Wyandottes. Well all the straight run birds were males so I let them go to a new home....no big deal I thought. Week 15 .. 3 of my Delaware girls and two white orps or crowing like crazy. Now I'm like, that's some really bad news, I only have 3 girls left. Today 21 weeks and I hear crowing. Oh no please let that be a neighbor's bird. GEEZ, my 2 beautiful white orpington hens turn out to be roos. The only girl I have left from the hatchery is a single Delaware. I was so excited about getting eggs soon. I just stood in by backyard crying ( I never thought I would be crying about chickens) :( . With my luck all the chicken babies that I'm hatching will turn out to be roos.
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    Jan 10, 2013
    So sorry about the roos…. It is expected about 50% males:females in a hatch. But most who get straight runs seem to get more males. If you don't get the mix you want, try getting sex linked so you can be sure?
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    The more I learn, the better. All I hope is my little Delaware is a darn good egg layer. I also will never order straight run unless it is the only option available.
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    Oct 2, 2014
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    From what I've heard/read Delawares will make you happy as far as eggs go. (and they're pretty to boot)
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    How disappointing! Yes, next time order pullets only. While you may still get one rooster, its better than all roosters! This is a good lesson to learn. Better luck next time!
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    Yes, I figured I would get males and females with that order. I placed an order for all females to arrive in March.
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    She is a really sweet bird, every time I'm in the yard she follows me around. Very cute.
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    I don't have chickens yet, however I've been reading about them daily, for months now. Trying to learn everything I can so I can provide for them properly. Delawares are my first choice for breeds, so you got lucky with only one left. They're harder to find, but worth the effort. I hope you have better luck in the future & end up with some more Delawares.
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    Thank you. :) My roos have been nice too, I just don't want them to fight with each other and I want the eggs, not alarm clocks.
  10. Mermaid909

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    YEAH! Found a home for three of my roosters :D

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