Bunions, Corns? on my duck's foot

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I'm new but have loved reading this forum since before I got my first three ducks five months ago.
Wonderfully helpful. But now I have a problem I hope someone can help me with. My lovely chocolate runner duck has suddenly gone lame. I have been noticing her sitting around a lot more than the other ducks lately, but today I realized she has a definate limp, and wasn't hardly walking around at all. On the bottom of her right foot she has two swollen areas, both along the bone rib (for lack of a better phrase). One is the same color as the rest of her foot skin, the other has a sort of creamy colored very hard knob, and next to it is a swollen area. I don't know much about corns and bunions but I wonder if that's what this is and what should I do about it. Also why would it seem to affect her so suddenly?
It sounds like your duck has bumblefoot. Do a search here at BYC and you will get several different answers for your duck.

When my ducks had bumblefoot I first cleaned the area really well with clean water and soap. I then soaked it in epsom salt and water and tried to take the scab off. THen I put neosporin on it and bandaged it. The bandaging is the hard part. I did take them away from the pond to try and keep it dry. If the infection gets serious I would administer antiobiotics. Watch for redness around the injured site, lethargy, loss of appetite or puss.

Good luck!!!

Also, Welcome to the site. We love to have more people.

Yep its bumblefoot mine used to get it from walking on concrete. Take care of it before it gets worse. I had a friend almost loose a black swan from it and they had to surgically remove the mass. It can get expensive if not taken care of early.

Check to see if she has any scratches it may have already gotten infected.
She's looking better today, can hardly detect a limp. Yesterday I rubbed iodine and triple antibiotic cream on it, and confined her to a pen. She was moving OK this am, but I kept all the hens together in our grassy duck yard, rather than giving them the run of the whole backyard. I swabbed her foot again today. Will look over the search results tonite, hope to avoid this getting worse. Thanks for the advice and support Nessy and Scrapmom, helps me feel better while I'm worried.

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