Burned Feathers; Will They Grow Back?


7 Years
Aug 19, 2012
Snohomish County
I put up heat lamps in my coop a few months ago and I recently noticed that one of my hen's tail feathers were a little burned about half way down. It has been a few weeks now, and the feathers are not growing back. Is there something I can do about it to get them to grow back, or is it permanent? (I have heat lamps in the coop because it gets below freezing at night where I live and one of my girls is molting.)
Haha silly chicken. It might not have even reached the nerve in the chickens tail.if she hasn't minted yet she won't get new feathers untill it gets pulled out or she molts. So no it won't stay like that forever :)
If you pull them out they will have missing feathers, missing feathers at shows is not a good thing either, have you considered trimming the burned part off?
Yes pulling out feathers will cause pain. I would just wait until she molts.
Trimming them will not stimulate regrowth, only plucking them will do that. Unless they are blood feathers, they should not bleed excessively , and it should not be unbearably painful to pluck them - depending on how many there are. Be sure to move your heat lamp out of reach of your chickens, if it is close enough to burn them it is a fire danger as well.
I had the same thing happen to my Silver laced wyandottes. I switched heat lamps this cold winter from 110w to 250w and the distance wasnt enough from the lamp to their perch. They all took turns burning their a$$es off all winter. My dottes all have these bald spots and just the spine of the feather sticking from them... I wont do that to them again... live n learn
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