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    Apr 17, 2016
    I mentioned this in the meat bird forum, but wanted to follow-up with 2 things here:

    Burr Farm is neither a breeder nor a hatchery. They're a pass-through that purchases chicks in bulk and passes some of the savings on to their buyers, as well as raising chicks to started pullet age.

    I bought Red Rangers and Broad Breasted White turkeys from Burr in July. I had originally placed the order in early June, and asked for a Toulouse goose as well. I was apparently too late for geese. As far as the other birds, I gathered they wait to order until they have enough people that they can get the chicks at the price that lets them sell them at their stated rates. At any rate, it took about 6 weeks to get my birds, which was a little frustrating but is ultimately on me.

    Birds arrived healthy. I went and picked them up. The hatchery had thrown some Cornish X in to the box and she offered them to me at no charge - unfortunately, I'd ordered enough to fill my brooder and tractor so I couldn't take them. Over 14 weeks I lost 1 ranger to predation and 1 to a cock fight between a couple boys that realized they were boys a little too quickly. I also have one that's cross-beaked and my kids are insisting we're keeping. So, all told, about an 8% mortality, non of which is the farm's fault. I'll definitely be ordering meat birds from them again next year, and giving enough advance notice that I get them when I want them!
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    I have bought chicks and 16 week old pullets from her in each of the last 2 years and i am very happy with them both, she is very nice and helpful, i picked them up but she will deliver large quantities, the prices are great too .

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