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Thanks to all for your sharing on coops and chickens! With it, I've built a coop that looks well for my urban yard. I had no particular plan, but an idea of what I wanted--lots of ventilation, small [for up to 10 chickens]. [I'm partial to bantams. The breeds I want are not readily available.]. I want a relative low-maintenance and functional coop, that will protect my flock. To my knowledge, I have achieved that. I've done LOTS of reading here. Your help has been invaluable. Again, THANKS! --jim

PS: As a new member, I cannot add an image to this post. I am a blogger and have pictures at my blog [cyclingexperiences dot com] and flickr account [link in my blog]. I also have webcams in the coop. You can see it now and watch chickens later. I just add a picture to my BYC Blog page. Thanks! --jaa
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I agree, it is very nice. I like the auto watering.

I really like the photo with the lighting. I have lighting for my birds, too. I like it so I know they must also.
wow, what a coop! you even gave them art for their walls!!! And an umbrella over their (food/water/i forget?) chimney! Amazing work - I like your bedding trays - did you make them? I want to figure some out for mine, but so far everything I come up with is heavy or clunky.
Thanks SumDumGuy, theoldchick, and BlueBetween. I appreciate your comments.

Yes BlueBetween, I made the poop tray beneath the roost area. I cut it from a sheet of 1/4 plywood and stiffened it using 1"x2" wood [all attachments are with screws. I the edges are tall enough for the wood shavings and poop. Today, I'm building a stand for the front of the tray so that I do not have to remove it completely to remove poop. I placed linoleum on my painted floor to ease [I hope] cleaning. Of course, the hard part was cutting the hole for the tray to slide in and out. I have guides on the floor to make it as easy as possible. Thanks for asking. --jim
BTW, the umbrella is over the funnel for the auto-feeder. The funnel to ease putting food in and the umbrella to not have the funnel be a cup. I have yet to test the feeder. In theory, it will work from my reading here. I hope the feed does not come in too fast. If so, I'll filter it.

The pictures are there as a point of reference for those watching via webcam--also breaks up the white [used what I had].

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