Button babies!


5 Years
Aug 19, 2014
Well, a few weeks back a friend of mine who's allergic to fur animals was lamenting that her kid wanted a pet and she didn't want a fish or lizard etc. I told her about button quail (and their issues like boinking etc) and offered to incubate some if she thought that'd be a suitable pet for the kid. She's not allergic to birds. She thought it over, and looked into it a bit and then said yes. So I incubated some eggs and last night, lo and behold, they popped open and produced the tiniest babies!

So now, I have no idea what they'll color out to be as adults but I have 7 teeny babies in the brooder that I hope will all be fine. They scare me because they are so much smaller than the Cots are! Cute though.
Careful when they are piling like that. Usually means they are cold but they are probably just doing it in the pic because they're scared of you. When they pile up it's pretty common for one to get suffocated under the pile.

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