Button Quail and other Supplies for Sale *They Need a Home!*

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    Sep 26, 2011
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    My button quail hate me too much for me to enjoy them and it's too much time lost to take care of them without being able to touch them so I am offering them and the supplies for them. The following is for sale seperately or together:

    • A pair of buttons (normal color)
    • 50 lbs bag of Game Bird feed (used maybe 5-10 lbs of it)
    • Feeder and Waterer
    • Play Hut and Tunnel
    • Fake Plants
    • Very nice rabbit cage on a stand that won't be an eyesore!

    Take anything you want! All I ask is if you take the button quail, you also take the food. PM me for prices and pictures of individual items!

    Please please please take these little guys off my hands!!!!
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