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Hi I have some button quails that I can't really find any examples online to figure out what colors they are...
They are only 4 weeks old.

I think this is a male...


I think this is a female...
Your first photo is a red breasted hen

Second is a Black Face Red Breasted male.

Visit my website. The tab "Button Quail Colors" will show ya
Some females have a bib. Males will have red feathers forming on the vent or else where. Your male may be too young for his red feathers to come in.
Your third photo is a Normal (wild-type) Blue Breasted hen as well (But watch for a bib to form and blue feathers to come in and then it will male. The fourth photo needs to grow a little more to determine. Most likely the fourth one will be cinnamon.
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Ok.. I have a few of each of those.. plus I have 2 sweet tuxedo's that I'm going to keep.
Tuxedo's are created by mixing like coturnix? white with dark etc?
Thanks for you help I never would have guessed the first photo was a hen and the second a male..

any suggestions on these little poppets?
*other then normal quail stuff

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