Button Quail eggs 27+ ( for $25 shipped)

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    Apr 9, 2007
    I've got 23 eggs as of today and will collect til Saturday morning...can ship out however many that amounts to for $25 including Priority Shipping. I've got 2 dark Buttons in 1 tank, and 6 medium colored ones in another tank- that's 5 females laying right now. If my 1 light gray one starts laying (she's got a bum foot right now) then I'll put her egg(s) in too. (I don't know the official colors of mine yet- they just started laying and are about 7-8 weeks old...)
    Paypal to my email addy... post sold if interested.
    edited- 27 eggs as of now. Have to ship soon- 1 person backed out and I want someone else to incubate these other than me!
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