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Discussion in 'Quail' started by duckncover, Jan 27, 2017.

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    So a bit of a back story first. Mrs. and Mr. Button came from a guy I met in a Petco who breeds them but is not from my area. He brought me a pair of normal colored birds that were laying age. They are terrified of people and their first day was pretty bad. Upon opening the Pop-Tart box they traveled home in the male did the 10 foot straight up jump thing and took off. To my disadvantage they both blend in with my rug. I have 3 cats. 1 that could care less, 1 that will actually help you find missing small animals without harming them, and the kitten. I immediately started turning over furniture looking for this poor guy and in the meantime Joey the kitten decided to attempt to eat him in the kitchen. He suffered bite wounds and I was always told cat bites are fatal to small animals. I decided to clean his wounds with peroxide and apply triple antibiotic ointment to it every day. He didn't feel like dying! He recovered quick and his bites healed up. About 3 weeks later I got my first fertile egg. And by my first fertile egg I mean my very first poultry related egg meant for hatching from any poultry in my life. I was so excited. I saved up eggs for 9 days and then I popped them in the incubator. On day 11 we had a gas leak on our street and the power went out for 3 hours causing the eggs to die. The quails decided to stop laying for a few days because I broke their light cycle with the power out. Then I saved up 8 more eggs and put them in the incubator. Well yesterday was day 19 and nothing had moved an inch. I figured I had did something wrong. Because even after more than 7 years on BYC I am still an novice when it comes to hatching. I decided to do a float test. 1 egg sank and 7 floated. As the day grew to an end I decided to open up a few air cells and check to see what happened. The first two eggs had something developing in them but it stopped at some point. The next 2 eggs had shrink wrapped chicks in them that were very alive. I used a sticky on this forum to get them out of the eggs. They were weak at first. I thought they wouldn't make it for sure. But they slowly started picking their heads up and now they are walking and peeping constantly. I am so excited. I hatched 2 birds from my own stock. My dream is to own chickens, waterfowl, and other poultry. Right now I live in the city so it isn't an option but I have been on this forum since I was a child and I am 23 now and darn it I'll obtain my dream farm if I have to work for it the rest of my life. These two little babies are just a reinforcement that someday I will have a coop of my own.

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    Nice story ^^ Actually resembles mine. I'm 24 and got my first buttons 2 years ago. I never incubated anything though - my buttons hatch their own chicks and most of them are really good at it. I hope to be able to obtain my dream farm within 6 years - might not be completely payed by then, but if I can just live there, that'll be awesome. Luckily my boyfriend gets a decent salary - and he also happens to own a holiday apartment in Bulgaria and a few shares, so even if my salary sucks its not unrealistic to buy a small farm.
    But where as a few mandarin ducks and chickens might make their way there, my real dream is turning it into a small parrot rescue and breeding center with aviaries all over the place. And as quail have captured my heart, I'd love to have several quail species as well. And preferably have them all brood their own young like my buttons do, but that might not be realistic.

    Good luck with your babies! Sounds like your temp might have been a little too low - did you have an extra thermometer? And what was your humidity during lock down? I'm definitely no incubation expert, but lurking on this forum for 2 years, you do read a thing or two about incubation.

    My youngest send their regards ^^
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    Great stories :)! Ohhhh a dream farm... *dreams* [​IMG]

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