button quail one roo two hens?


Nov 27, 2021
Ok so I had to put my button quail hen down today and i dont want my roo to be lonely. I've seen conflicting opinions on keeping 2 hens with one roo, some say its beneficial because the roo has 2 hens to mount and it avoids issues like scalping and stress, while others say that the females might fight and injure each other.

I wanted to originally return my roo (who i love very much) to the breeder to be added to his aviary group or to be resold but my mom wants to keep him and buy 2 hens as "replacement".

For a bit of backstory on my roo, he is 1 year old and spent most of his life with my hen. We bought him after my hens original partner escaped and got injured by my dog, resulting in me having to put him down. (since then we made alterations to our set up to avoid this from happening, the past year we had no more escapes)

I built a small cage to keep him seperated from the hen to avoid injuries upon introduction (i still have this cage so i can reuse it!) and he was a true gentleman once he had calmed down from being put in. He gave our hen some of his food through the cage bars and crowed with her in the first hour. This leads me to believe that he could do well when i pair him up again because he bonded with this new female so quickly.

Do any of you have experiences with repairing older males? And several button quail females?


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May 15, 2019
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Buttons are usually kept in pairs. Two hens might fight over a too just like two roos might fight over a hen.

I have rarely seen a lonely roo turn down a hen when he's lonely. It should work out.


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Jun 22, 2020
I agree with nabiki, summed it up perfectly

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