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  1. kaite

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    Nov 18, 2012
    I am looking to find a new, loving, and calm home for my two button quail. They are a male (5 months old) and a female (3 months old) bonded pair. Both are very active, healthy, and the female has just started laying eggs. I absolutely love to watch these little birds interacting and socializing with one another. I am only trying to find them a new home because my dogs have suddenly taken much more interest in them and it is becoming stressful for the birds. If needed, I am willing to sell you their current complete setup which includes the enclosure, decor, food and water dishes, and any extra food or supplements that I still have. Please PM me for photos ( I have plenty) or any for any additional information. Thank You!
  2. Abacus

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    where are you?? This site covers a lot of areas :) I am interested if you are close

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