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Discussion in 'Quail' started by Crazy4Chicks, Jul 6, 2008.

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    In a " lets see what would happen " mood I placed a bid on some button quail eggs on ebay - and I won !! 10 eggs

    so when they got here I opened them up and they came in the smallest egg carton I have ever seen !! I let the eggs rest on the counter overnight - which made me crave candy ( they look like little cadbary eggs from easter ) really dark with darker spots on them very cute.

    they are in the bator now and going into day 8 today - How do I candle these things ?? will I see anything since they are so tiny and dark?

    after hatching - questions I have -- feeding, houseing, bedding, water, "toys" -- any advice on what you have personally used would be great !!

    also I want to get them a large fish tank and set it up as a home for them - can some please a post pics of thier button quails home -- also I want to make them an outside hoop coop for the warmer months so they can get fresh air and bugs will they go inside a coop like chickens ?

    the colors the breeder said I might get are -- white, standard. silver, darth vader. chcolate, maybe blue does anyone have pics of these colors in thier own flock?

    what did I get myself into LOL
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    You really can't candle them - just have to hope for the best...

    I hatched 10 out a few weeks back - they are very cute! They are living in the parakeet aviary outside now and getting along quite nicely. I know a lot of people do keep them inside in aquariums.

    I am feeding mine dry catfood chopped up in the blender with 20% chicke starter, plus they get what falls out of the parakeet's feeder.
  3. you should probally google it- you would find alot more anwsers.
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    I've never candled mine; they are too tiny. I feed mine turkey/gamebird starter and crush it up really tiny for the first week. Sprinkle some on the floor to get them used to eating, then you can use a small lid as a feeder bowl. I use a cap from a spice jar with a few small rocks in it with water so they don't drown. When they are older, you can use a quail waterer.

    In the brooder I use non-slip rubberized liner with newspaper under it and a paper towel over it. An aquarium is perfect; in a 5 gal (or maybe it's 10?) I use a 60 watt bulb in a heat lamp and supplement with a heating pad underneath the tank to keep the temp at about 95 for the first week, dropping down 5 degrees each week til fully feathered.

    You can start feeding them treats right away but they don't always eat it until they're a few days old. They love tomatoes, cucumber slices, broccolli flowers, millet sprays and other small seeds. Give them something to hide behind or in, like a hamster hut or a small pot of plastic flowers.

    Be sure to cover the tank because they don't really fly, but they do jump straight up in the air when startled. Best too to cover the inside of the lid with some soft padding of some sort.

    I got mine from my SIL who sells on ebay and the hatch rate was good, especially for my first try. I had 6 hatch - one white, one blue/gray, and the others were various pied colors. They were really cute and I'm looking forward to another good hatch this week (I hope)! Good luck with yours!!


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