Button Quail


7 Years
Jul 1, 2014
Hi I just recently got 3 button quail and would love for people to give me some information on them. I already looked up all the basics of caring for them but would love to know more.

Also 2 of them have splayed legs could we use a bandaid for them?

(Ps- the cup there in was just for transporting them we are NOT keeping them in it)



Those chicks need to be in a brooder, temps can be supplied if you need them. They should stay in one until they are fully feathered and adult about 6 -8 weeks of age. You have alot of learning to do and quick or you will loose those chicks. They need high protein game bird or meat bird feed (it might need to be crushed a bit) and lots of fresh water in a container they can not get wet in, use marbles or small rocks to keep them up out of the water line, they will peck around the stones to get to the water but it must be kept clean and cool. I change mine several time a day and add more food to their dish.
You can use the bandaid for the splay leg and do not keep them on paper towel use wood chips or non slip shelve liner works great as it is washable and cheap at Walmart.
You do know that it is way to early to tell the sexes of them. You will have a better idea when the get adult feathers around 6 weeks. And they should be housed in single pairs.
good luck and we are here to help.
I already have them in a brooder and I knew about the food but what kind of wood chips do you use? Because I know certain kinds can be bad for their health.
Also about the pairs thing does that mean I have to get rid of one?

I also read that boys can't be together but females can.
Do not use cedar chips but pine and aspen are fine. You can try to keep a trio some folks do but be forewarned that in the wild they lived in single pairs because they are very territorial and will fight, males and females alike. You will see people have groups in large enclosures but ask them how old the birds are? Bet most live 1-2 years at best. anyway there are always those that do what ever they want not worried about what is best for the animal. In the wilds of China, way back when the button quail were still living in the wild, they lived in single pairs each to his and her territory. That said the birds we have now have been domesticated so long that they are mixed breeds anyway so do as you want. I am tired of the argument of pairs vs groups.

I also do not mate siblings but then again others do with mixed results.

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