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    Nov 15, 2017
    I have a red breasted hen and a white rooster that hatched babies. The babies are now 3.5 weeks old and their down suggested 1 white and 2 red breasted chicks (4 didn’t make it) but judging by their feathers, the “red breasted” chicks appear to be basic brown hens that may or may not be growing bibs. Am I crazy? Ive only ever had brown chicks with brown down, the red breasted hen looked exactly like these babies when she hatched. I’ve included photos below. What color/gender are these babies?
    0763C0E9-9F8D-4B2E-9DE6-AF32DF3B93BB.jpeg A6A33313-4F18-46A2-B899-7BD8CD649945.jpeg C7899CC6-97B9-47D2-A6C6-5660612FB4B7.jpeg 5BB5D412-6B3E-4FC6-8538-7C767381D978.jpeg 236F95B5-C1D7-413A-8326-1CCA21D8E3FB.jpeg 3AC72DC0-3C3A-4696-AEF6-21AA18B09C5B.jpeg C1D98078-0024-47A9-AA3C-AA697269EDBE.jpeg 213F1FED-93DF-4190-84C7-18A63CA7937A.jpeg

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