Buttons and Coturnix best in pairs or trio's?


9 Years
Jun 15, 2010
Halifax, Nova Scotia
I'm hoping to start breeding Button and Coturnix quail (both breeds but not with each other, lol). The advice I've found is conflicting. I always thought Buttons especially were monogamous so should therefore be kept in pairs but I've read that they should be kept 1 male and 2 females
I had a lone female but the pet shop would only sell in 3's luckily my babies ended up with a surplus male so she's happy now.
I can see the sense in keeping three as it means less pens and more eggs but I don't mind the extra pens if it keeps them happy.
Thanks in advance x
You are correct.
Buttons are naturally monogamous. So they really are best suited to life in pairs.
Some people do keep trio's. I have tried it, and it worked great for a little while, but they eventually make a bonded pair and being territorial little things, they try to chase out the left over hen, which in an enclosed space, does not end pretty.
Pairs are really the only way to go if you want happy and healthy buttons
I found out AFTER i bought one male button and three females that they are monogamous. I had done my research but never read that online. Shoulda researched here first and not google!

Anyways- The male and his girl sleep together at night, cuddled up. Often they will all four cuddle up together, grooming. The two other females all get bred regularly, no one is fighting. We do have a second cage in case anything does happen but so far our group are happily polyamorous. We have been watching Sister Wives, I am unsure if that has helped the situation but they get a good view of the TV

Also- one female was missing a ton of feathers. I thought she would get picked on for sure but no one has. Maybe I am just lucky.

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