Buy It Now: 10+ Heritage Delawares Hatching eggs - Great Bloodlines Ship April 8

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    These heritage Delaware hatching eggs will ship week of April 8. Schedules are set according to date payment received, paypal and not epay please. The buyer will be notified of any change in laying patterns which is not expected.

    This flock of birds had their beginnings from eggs bought from Speckledhen early 2010. We have been hatching out babies now for quite some time. We now have enough for two large flocks, 10+ means that extra will be added if available when they are available the day of shipment. The chicks are so friendly and sweet and as adults they still come up to me. These are the strongest little babies I've ever seen. Really remarkable! I give all the credit to the development of this stock to our beloved BYCer Speckledhen. Postage and shipping the way we ship is $18.50 and includes priority mail and confirmation delivery. We package carefully as described in the last line of this post, but do not replace eggs since handling and incubation are beyond our control. I

    Since many of you have asked, lineage for these is Jesse McDaniel and William Meier and some Sandhill Preservation thrown in to add new blood.

    Shipment depends upon timely payment and there is no change in the laying patterns, which is not expected Pickups from our farm are welcomed and scheduled. For this auction, we can only accept paypal (no epay please) to [email protected] Please message me on BYC or [email protected] with your mailing information if you buy this listing with your name, address and phone number if you wish to pick up at the post office.

    If you don't use paypal, or have limited message space, please message me at [email protected] regarding how to order eggs Also, if interested in our other chicken eggs, please pm me or search for "bargain" in chicken hatching eggs. We also offer geese, duck, turkey and guinea eggs in non chicken listings .

    More information about our full time farm and our philosophy is available at our website
    how we ship:
    or facebook The Garry Farm We're full-time farmers,please give us time to answer questions!​
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