Buying a Coop

I've seen lots of them but unless someone can prove me wrong, I haven't found one I can recommend.
I have yet to see one that doesn't over exaggerate how many chickens their products can house.
Most are built by carpenters with no knowledge or experience of what chickens need in housing.
They're too small, waste money on more nest boxes than the birds their cracker box designs would need. Inadequate ventilation and sometimes aren't weather proof.
They're way more expensive than one can build themselves.
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that TSC one shows sev chickens....
let me mention that I bought two for when I like , uh,impulsive buy ...a warm March day rescued/bought six grown chickens that were in a tiny cage at the flea mkt. Winter wasnt over and,,,
.I had no place but a topper truck topper, set on the ground.... Lets say Hubby wasnt happy ....
so those two TINy pieces of junk were put in one of those nice" Shelter Logic" tents for a month
Till Hubby built a coop and run ,a month later. cause it was still winter..He made the units and bouight extensions mobile.... Three grown chickens in each units wasnt good to say the least.
just my humble thoughts
Yup. Go to Craigslist and buy a used shed in your area. More space for less money.

I totally second this post. Shed = more space, flexibility to accommodate more chickens (inevitable), store food etc etc. Prefab sheds should be easy to remove and reinstall.

I would say that there is one good use for those undersized coops.
They make a great quarantine coop on the far side of your property from your primary poultry housing.

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