Buying hatching eggs

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Jul 25, 2015
South Carolina
id like to know where to get eggs for hatching. I finally convinced my parents to get an incubator(sadly at the death of two almost hatched eggs) and I want some new breeds instead of what I already have. Anyone know where to get good fertile eggs?
Just be prepared that shipped eggs can be a gamble. They need special care throughout incubation and that's still not a garuntee you will get a good hatch. You can but not always. Local eggs are way easier, so if you can find some in driving distance you will most likely have a better hatch.

Have you read "hatching 101"? Make sure to get a separate thermometer & hygrometer and calibrate them to check the readings on the new incubator. Even very expensive brand new incubators can give incorrect temperature and humidity readings.
I was going through craigslist and saw a man fairly close by that had eggs for $5 a dozen. I called and went over to get a dozen easter eggers. Well, he said he was covered up with eggs and gave me 4 dozen. Wouldn't take a cent for um. But that's never happened before.
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