Buying shipped eggs...Is it even worth it?


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Apr 28, 2014
I have heard some horror stories on buying hatching eggs that have to be shipped. Everything from damaged eggs, lose air pockets, to outright scams. Is it even worth it ? How bad are the hatch rates and why do people still ship eggs?

I am looking at getting 18 hatching eggs off Ebay that I have seen posted by the same person same breed for over a year. Should I go for it ?

Maybe the seller is on here..
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Got 15 eggs from an order of a dozen from eBay. Seller included some extras. Packaged beautifully, all arrived intact, safe in their foam cocoons. Rested the eggs and them put them under a broody. One hatched. I won't do it again.
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I'll let you know on Thursday when I candle at day 7, then will follow up. My shipped eggs include 20 Barnevelders and a dozen BBS Ameracaunas and OE's
I buy shipped eggs. I bought 6 and had 2 hatch. They are beautiful babies! I have more on their way. Here's a must read article for anyone incubating shipped eggs:

Also there are lots of threads on here about shipped eggs. You can get lots of info & tips from people getting good hatch rates with shipped eggs. I would go for it! Good luck! Pm me if you have any questions along the way.
I buy them all the time. I had 20 of 24 bobwhite hatch from Hadley farms just a few weeks ago. They all arrived with the air cells intact. If the air cells roll I let them sit for 24 hours before I put them into the incubator. I do stay away from eBay though. Reputable people on BYC do a great job with fertility and shipping. Never had an issue. Learned tons from the learning center. Great info
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