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Jul 30, 2020
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Welcome to BYC’s Beautifully Barred Photo Contest -
Barred chickens are awesome! The stunning pattern providing the illusion of stripes! What’s not to love. From buff cuckoo, to crele, to your average barred rock, we want to see them all!

It's easy to enter, just reply to this thread with up to 4 pictures of your barred or cuckoo chicken and you will be entered for a chance to win!

This is a RANDOM Winner Contest - In this contest, the winners will be picked using a random number generator.


  1. All barred or cuckoo chickens are allowed.
  2. Four entries per member. An entry is *one* picture of your barred or cuckoo chicken. One picture per post, please.
  3. Other chickens may be in the photo, but the star(s) of the photo must be barred or cuckoo.
  4. Each entry can be of the same chicken or four different chickens, but please include a different picture with each entry.
  5. The picture needs to have been taken by you.
  6. You cannot use a photo that won an award in another BYC-sponsored photo contest.
  7. ALL pictures MUST be uploaded to BYC and not hosted on other image sites, personal websites, etc.
  8. Prizes are limited to one per person per contest.
  9. Open to all BYC members.
  10. All BYC rules apply: Terms of Service (Rules)
  11. Entries will be accepted until July 3rd, at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.
There will be at least 3 winners and each will receive a 3-month PFM!

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