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I’m not even going to try to catch up. Glad I showed up in time for the nuts & berries stories tho. :thumbsup :lau
Great timing!!

I'm going to try digging up the plant to overwinter in the mud room. I've read about it, never done it.
Charlie Nardozzi, our VT horticulturist guy, mentioned on the radio that if you want to dig up a plant to over winter you should pot it in potting mix not use the dirt it is in out in the garden. He said why but of course I don't remember that part.


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Jul 23, 2018
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My Coop
Good morning Cafe. Coffee is ready.

The stove was lit last night. It's 39 outside and very cozy inside.
It's supposed to be a very nice day today and tomorrow and then the rain returns. This calls for a schedule shift so I can have tomorrow off and get some more outdoor things done.
Have a great day everyone.

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Apr 7, 2010
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Good morning and welcome to the Cafe, Hermits Garden! I am up too early but I guess that means more coffee brewing. Yes, I really do appreciate being able to hang out with all of the different wildlife up here and I don't mind the weather extremes so I guess it is all good, except for the bears, not a fan of those stinkers! LOL! Division of Wildlife caught a "really big bear" up on my friend's property and it should have been a state record black bear (by a couple of hundred pounds), but they have not said anything about it...;), so that means it was a grizzly and they don't feel like sharing that info to the sensitively eared public quite yet. It was just a matter of time with all of the moose these days, that their main predators would be following close behind.
Anyway, I guess it is getting close to chore time. Enjoy the day!

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Oct 8, 2018
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OOO! I do, please!
Of course.

CPP (chicken pot pie).
2 pie crusts (frozen works fine)
3 c cooked chopped chicken meat
2 c nuked frozen mixed veggies (drained)
1 can cream of chicken soup
2 heaping Tbsp jarred pesto
1/4 c fine grated Parmesan (like for pizza)
dash of salt & pepper
optional; 1/4 tsp dried thyme, rosemary or parsley

Mix ingredients well, spread into first pie crust in pan. Cover w/ second crust, moistening edges for fluted/crimped seal. Cut steam slits on top, cover edges with foil strips. Cook 400 F for 20 mins, remove foil, then another 15 minutes.

I haven't made this yet since we moved up to this altitude, so my cooking time may have to change, but it worked fine at 5000 ft elevation. :)

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