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    Does this book has a section about using those totes for brooding chicks?

    I've got it ordered and it should be coming this week!

    I am making a Backyardchicks kit for my daughter's school fundraising auction in March. I've emailed to the fundraising manager and see if there will be a demand. She said YES, because her daughters are into chickens and horses! [​IMG] And they are also part of the 4H group. It would be tax deductible.

    I've gathered up ideas and even Nate (SCIcelandics) will be donating a gift certficate for 15 chicks (assorted)! [​IMG]

    Here is what I have and I would welcome anyone that have suggestions!

    A tote for holding the stuff and be able to brood the chicks in. What size do you recommend?
    Plastic feeder
    Plastic waterer
    5 lb bag of chick starter
    Brooder lamp and brooder light
    Backyard Chickens for Dummies book

    Anything else?
  2. Hi! That's a neat 'starter kit'. Maybe you could add a small bag of pine shavings, just enough get started with?
    The totes I use for brooders are mostly 30 gal size.
    Good luck!
    edited to add: I don't know what's in the book.
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    Excellent ideas!!! Hit up your local feed mills and TSC see if you can get donations for what you need, be sure to speak to may already have done
    Good luck !

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