BYC Glossary & Index of Abbreviations - Ideas and suggestions!

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  1. Lothiriel, thanks for the Abbreviation list. It was both educational and entertaining!
  2. WindyHillFarm

    WindyHillFarm Chirping

    Thank you so much! As a complete newbie to BYC, this is extremely helpful. [​IMG]
  3. CrzyChknLady81

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    Mar 29, 2015
    On the list of abbreviations, I only noticed one thing missing (guess technically it's 3), but when I was new to chickens and saw it I was lost and had to turn to Google. .lol..
    But..BQ/SQ/PQ.. Breeder/Show/Pet Quality. .used a lot but almost unknown to some of us ;)
  4. I can't find an abbreviation for the Swedish Flower breed just the SFH for the hen. What would be the abbreviation when just talking about the breed? Thanks!

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