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BYC rarely (well... never) takes a position in things like this, but in this case we need to take a stand, and BYC stands against SOPA & PIPA. If passed they could be disastrous for websites and forums like ours.

As stated by Wikipedia:

Quote: Emphases added because that is exactly what applies to us!

BYC is "big enough" to be a target, but small enough not to be able to defend ourselves in a huge battle. BYC is an amazing resource because of our "user contribute content" and we shouldn't be, and can't be expected to police 7,000+ posts per day. Can you imagine the burden that would put on us? We'd definitely have to close our doors!

Call your elected officials and tell them you are their constituent, and you oppose SOPA and PIPA.

NOTE: Wikipedia is shutting down their entire English repository in protest against SOPA & PIPA. We encourage you to go to their site, plug in your zip code and call your local officials and ask that they do NOT support SOPA or PIPA.

You can also sign a petition on Google's site:

I'll be calling and hope you do to!

-Rob Ludlow, owner of

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I have sent this email to ever elected official in Kansas and my district!!

"This legislation, which has good although misdirected intentions, can affect many more websites than they initially believe. Smaller websites such as my favorite forum,, is a small operation that would never have the personnel to police the over 7000 publicly posted forum responses in a day. While, most posts are not targets, we can’t hold these chicken enthusiasts responsible for the crudeness which are trolls on the internet. I am asking as your constituent that you stand behind the Whitehouse and not support the bill concerning SOPA & PIPA!"

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