BYC magnetic bumper stickers are poor quality


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Oct 29, 2009
I know they are only $3 or whatever, but I was really excited about getting the "My Pet Makes Me Breakfast" magnetic bumper stickers for our cars. We love having the chickens and spreading the hobby, and the bumper stickers are a great, fun way to get interest. Unfortunately, of the 3 magnetic stickers I ordered, only 1 would even attach to the car to the extent I thought it would stay on. And even that one is so weak the corners are flared up and I'm afraid it will eventually fall off. I'm not blaming BYC, and I'd like to know if others had the same experience. I'd love to buy more and give these away to friends but the quality is not there. I'd be happy to pay twice as much for a better-quality, stronger magnet.
I haven't seen the magnets but I can assume considering others I have seen... so could it be that your bumpers are plastic like most bumpers (with metal in choice spots underneath for reinforcement)...

why not put them on the edge of your trunk?
I had the same experience with the curling edges. Just figured it was too cold so I keep inside my truck and will try again when it is warmer. Not a big deal for me, at least the magnet theives can't get it.

yes, plastic or rubber bumper... bumpers have a rubber or plastic cover to match the vehicle it is covering a bumper frame (for lack of better words) which is attached to the car frame by several posts.

ignore the piece they are trying to sell... but the things they are attached to are not metal.
I have the corners raised up too on mine but like was said previously, I assumed it was too cold. But its still on there. Very funny to sit in a parking lot before I get out or while walking to my car and see people reading it. I placed mine on the back of my van, the bumper covers are definitely plastic or fiberglass.
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just about all newer cars, and some truck for that matter have a plastic "shield" over the actual steel bumper so they can paint match, and keep body makes for a real mess when there is an accident....nother piece to replace.
Thank you... better words, mine were girly terms!
i tried putting the magnets on my solid steel '79 F150, still not a good stick. the magnets are just weak. who makes the orders for these? could they be upgraded or possibly ordered from another company?

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