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Tina, known to BYC Members as Chick-N-Fun, has been a member of our community since June, 2014. Another of our wonderful all rounders, she is known for her friendliness and good advice.

1. Tell us a bit more about yourself.

Hi! :frow My name is Tina. I live in Upstate NY in the country on a modest hobby farm with my amazing husband, Derek and 15 year old son, Dylan.


2. Why and when did you start keeping chickens?

I am a special education teacher and started my chicken obsession after incubating eggs in my classroom as part of the science curriculum... I fell in love with the chicks, then asked my dear husband if he could build me a chicken coop........Needless to say, my adventure started with a pre-fab coop and 2 chickens to now having 2 custom built coops, a large roofed run and 24 chickens! Chicken Math at its best!!!!


I joined BYC after acquiring my first mini flock and stayed behind the scenes for the first few years as I researched, explored and read the valuable information provided on this site. I have since become an active member as I have learned and experienced the dynamics and pleasures of keeping a happy, healthy backyard flock.

Our chickens bring so much joy to my family. I enjoy going to consignment shops, looking for unique items to put in my covered run to keep my guys and gals entertained and happy.


We are surrounded by woods, therefore, I only free range my flock with supervision. I wish I could free range 24/7, but my neighbors have lost entire flocks due to predators. I make it up to them by spending lots of time with them and caring for each and every one of them! My chickens are happy and healthy!
Here are just a few candid shots of some of my gals:

Alice enjoying her soak in the sink....(treating her bumblefoot)


Pebbles, my Blue Splash Marans...such a funny girl!


Violet, my Lavender Orpington:


And here’s Liberty, my Black Copper Marans enjoying a dustbath:


As you can see, I have a very mixed flock. I currently have 24 chickens; 22 hens and 2 roosters; 19 standard sized breeds; 3 seramas; 2 bantams. They get along harmoniously....most of the time....until my Serama roo, Thistle, decides to hop up on one of my standard sized ladies and ride ‘em like a rodeo clown!

Here he is now crowing his little heart out! ❤️


My son, Dylan, who is also a BYC member...(Chick-or-Treat) also quite the chicken enthusiast. I will often find him watching chicken TV, feeding the flock their favorite treat (Fly Grubs), or just sitting inside the run, showering the chickens with affection.

Here you can see our 2 Easter Eggers, Lucy & Robin cuddling upon him in appreciation!


My friends think I am a crazy chicken lady and have no idea how or why my affection/addiction is what it is. But I do have to say, they love it when I appear with a carton of fresh eggs for them!!!


3. Which aspect(s) of chicken keeping do you enjoy the most?

My greatest joy from owning my flock is sharing fresh eggs to my family members, friends and neighbors. I will often be asked if I would accept money for them. My answer is always, “No. I don’t want to be a supplier, just a sharer.” It makes me happy when I can share the bounty of my wonderful backyard flock of chickens!

4. Beside chickens, what other pets do you keep?

My first love has always been horses. My husband made my dream of owning one come true many years ago. He built me a beautiful barn and riding arena. We have had several horses throughout the years and now enjoy the 3 that were born and raised on our farm.

Me with Daisy


Dylan on Whiskey (Notice his t-shirt!). :yesss:


Here my best friend’s son is feeding Lily...


And my ultimate favorite...Dylan hugging Lily when she was just a foal:


In addition to our 3 horses and 24 chickens, we also have 4 dogs, 6 cats and a hedgehog. Yup!! Our Ark is FULL!!!

Here are some additional photos of some of those critters:

Bo & Riley


Elmo, my husband’s favorite cat


And finally, son’s hedgehog.


5. Anything you'd like to add?

When I’m not taking care of my human and animal family, I enjoy scrapbooking, hiking with my husband and son, and spending time with family and friends. And to be honest, I love being able to take a NAP!! :oops:

Thanks for your time and interest!
Bear hugs! ❤️ :hugs ❤️

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