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Don 27

Aug 13, 2019
I have to admit you are correct on many accounts as I did leave out a great number of people that deserve huge credit to making BYC the huge success it is! Your list of those that have had their hand in this, the Staff, the Project Managers and of course all the truly AMAZING members that have contributed their knowledge, their compassion and love for BYC, it's incredible! I mean where would we be without all our awesome members!! :bow

HOWEVER...I just have counter on your statement somewhat, I believe in giving credit where credit is due. And that maybe the real "Star" in this, our "Hero" is Rob, @Nifty-Chicken !! :woot Without his insight into seeing where this site could go 14 yrs ago, his dedication and hard work in keeping it all on track and most of all his love and desire to create a community type feeling where thousands of like minded poultry enthusiasts could come together as one, well Rob made this dream come true! I don't believe there is anyone else in the world that could fill his shoes and have made BYC all that it has become today. There isn't another site out there like BYC, this place is truly amazing!!

So if you really want to know who to thank for this incredible website that is BYC, its Rob. So go do that now! ;)
agree there is so many people on here that have their own amazing story . and everyone is so nice taking time out of their day to answer someone else's questions!


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Hey peeps, while we LOVE that y'all are having fun and chatting, can we take some of the not-directly-related-to-this-thread chat to another thread? It's making it very hard for me and the team to parse-out which items are important and need to be addressed regarding the update.

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