BYC's 2021 Spooktacular Halloween Hatch-Along!


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Trick to designer hatches?
I've been weighing,candling, praying,...last hatch was really bad so doing everything I can for this group.
So total projected weight loss needed was 89g. I'm at 73g at 19 days. *remember, guineas, so lockdown is day 25 unless they decide otherwise (they often do), hatch date 28 days.
Where was I.,.73g, which means they've to shed 16g more.
Here's the thing..some eggs started at 46g, some started at 36g. So some have hit their target, some need to keep going while the midgets work on growing.
Running 36% humidity, 99.5 ish.
A lot of you have NR360- I have 5 thermometers and 3 hygrometers in mine in addition to the unit. One side runs cooler than the other by a cpl of degrees. The only one that agrees w/unit is the mercury one lying in the egg crate directly under the heat. I've been rotating the eggs position in addition to turning, since they're in eggcrate.
I feel like I've over question is, if I park my smaller eggs on the cooler side and the heavier eggs on the warmer side, will that have any effect on wt loss?
weight loss is actually from development, which uses up the moisture in the egg. You always want to optimize development of the embryo. I would suggest rotating the eggs every couple of day.

I hope you have a good hatch this time.


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First two from the third batch just hatched. They are now in the dryer with their stuffed friend. Two more paints!😃

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