Bye Bye Bill


7 Years
Apr 2, 2016
Ft Leonard Woood, Missouri
Sadly we have decided that we must rehome Bill the Rooster...he refuses to quit bulliyng our older hens and it's gotten to the point where he won't let some have access to feed and more importantly in this hot weather...water.

I hate to do this but it's in the best interests of the rest of the flock. I found a farmer close by who was willing to take Bill off our hands. Perhaps Bill will get along better with HIS flock of hens.

We are setting an incubator of 10 Jubilee Orpingtons so I am sure that with a reasonable % of hatch we will get at least 1 Roo and the gals will "raise him right".
Thanks...I hate to have to resort to rehoming Bill as he is a most HANDSOME rooster...but I just cannot have him trying to savage the older birds. His actions are not mating as was's bullying pure and simple.

Looking forward to checking my JO's soon. We are on Day 4; in a couple more days we will candle them to see how many babies we got "cooking".
'fraid not...he is back in solitary until we can arrange for his re-homing. He had started right back in on bullying poor the point where she was cowering under the nest boxes in the coop.

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