Bye-bye birdies


13 Years
May 29, 2010

Hello all!

I'm just letting everyone know I am getting rid of nearly all my chickens and the two Guinea hens. I'm not getting much for them, there is no market for chickens, no idea how the rest of you manage to sell $10-15 birds! All I'm getting is $15 for 10+ birds and over all smaller feed bill.

I'm keeping a select few, 1 rooster and rest are 1 of each hens. My Barred rock x Jap rooster, big red mix, Marans, tiny OEGB, La'Fletche, RIR, Caramel, Splash Silkie, black Cochin & splash Cochin. I think that's all of them.

Lady should come by tonight or this weekend for everyone else. I just can't keep buying 4x 50lbs bags every month and never be able to sell a bird for a real and fair price. Just not worth it.

The coop will be far cleaner now. I will be hanging 3 rabbit cages inside. They will be for does that are due to kindle only during the winter. Rest of the rabbits will be hung inside the chicken run that is fully enclosed. Ducks will live in the run as well, since we have a fox that has killed 2 of my duck hens and it is making me -skin that evil thing alive w/my bare hands- kinda mad. You may also remember back in April/May when the foxes and other devils killed off about 60 of my birds.

Anyway, I guess I won't be here much anymore, no real point. Unless I have sheep, eggs, ducks or rabbits to sell. Then again, no buyers to speak of. Luckily, most of what I am keeping now is mainly for us to eat and use. I'll only have critters for sale first just in case someone would like to try them out. Like a week long quick sale, then w/e isn't sold is dinner.

Going to add that I have two 40 breeder aquariums I have for sale. They are going into storage until they sell. $40 each. They make nice brooders for chicks and ducklings since they are water tight and the high glass helps to keep them warm and you can see easily into them from any angle.

If anyone wants to know what I am selling/giving up, here is a list, in case the lady never shows.
3+ roosters. LF red mix, 2 pure Japs[short and long legged]. 3+ Jap & Jap mix hens, 2 Barred rock x Jap hens, 2 Guinea hens, partridge Silkie hen & some others I am forgetting.

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