Cackle Hatchery Chicks

AMA Chick

7 Years
Apr 10, 2012
Glasgow KY
Got my chicks this morning.
Placed an Internet order for 15 Ameracauna pullets on Monday, their site said it would be 10 days for confirmation and delivery date.
1-2 hours later, a very nice, friendly lady called and asked if it was ok if they shipped them immediately, that I would need to pick them up at post office on Wednesday. Of course, I said yes.
I've heard/read stories about chicks arriving dead, sick, etc...
My chicks arrived seemingly VERY healthy, all alive, and one extra in the box:D

So far, I give Cackle an A+++;)

Now, I just hope they remain healthy, happy, and all girls!

I do realize though, they are probably Easter Eggers, not Ameracauna's, but that's just fine with me:lol:
I've had good luck with Cackle. All chicks arrived alive and healthy. Out of 15 that were supposed to be pullets, I only got one male, so I was happy with that.

Cackle's are definitely Easter Eggers, not true Ameraucana but they seem to be Ameraucana based. Just the fact you might get blue, green, or pink eggs tells you that they are not true Ameraucana. I expect you will really enjoy them.
So do TRUE Ameracauna's just lay blue eggs?

I really want the most variety, so Easter Eggers are what I was looking for, anyway;)
So do TRUE Ameracauna's just lay blue eggs?

I really want the most variety, so Easter Eggers are what I was looking for, anyway;)
My 15 Guinea hens from Cackle Hatchery are due to arrive today.. I'm really excited.

We've had ok success with Cackle Hatchery. Last year we had orderd a straight run of 15 chickens, in the hopes of getting a few roosters. We ended of with only 1 rooster and about 6mo into it's life it became lame, it could no longer walk anymore, and we had to put it down. It was very sad.

My husband has been the one doing all the communication with CH with regards to some of the chickens dying in the 1st few weeks and they promised to send us more this spring.. which never happened. He has not been pleased with their customer service.... so we are looking for another hatchery.. any suggestions out there?
All 16 are still alive and well! As a matter of fact, from the beginning they have seemed healthier and more vigorous than the chicks I got locally from a breeder
(I hope I didn't just jinx things!):D
I purchased some Easter Eggers that came from Cackle from a lady locally. They have seemed far more healthy, active, and vigorous than any of the other chicks I've dealt with. :)

1876 farm, I know you were hoping for some roos, but those sort of odds with straight run would make most people faint!!

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