Cackle Hatchery Suprise (Anyone this year?)


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Is anyone buying the Cackle Hatchery Surprise this year???

Has anyone already gotten it?

I'm debating ordering this in the next month or so!
I got it last year, 80% pullets and 2 turkeys, brahmas, ducks, phoenix--you name it. Amazing. Not bad quality either.

So, of course, I'd like to do so this year as well. Still undecided, though! Could you get luck like that twice? Not sure... perhaps, in June...
Okay, well... a pair of silver phoenix;
three or four yokos, all of which were runty and died, the only disappointment;
a pair of exchequer leghorns;
four cinnamon queens;
two production RIR girls;
a pair of (quite nice) silver Hamburgs;
a pair of WCBlue Polish;
4 EEs, all girls;
4 brahmas, all girls;
a jungle fowl hen;
a pair of silver Polish;
4 (nice) Dominiques, all girls;
2 BO hens;
2 SLW hens, and a handful of others I can't recall / sold before I could identify / random roosters.
A pair of Pekin ducks, both male.
Two BBB turkeys, I think they were a pair, the first picked of CO from a sick hen of mine very young.

How is that? Again, I don't think I could get that kind of luck twice...
i cant wait till i live on a farm them i would like order that every year haha and i told my friend about it he said what do you get and i said i dont know andrew is a suprise haha
I'd have to double check, but I think it's 45 + shipping. I have gotten it before but I've always ordered other chicks too. I am trying to be good this year and only order what I need for breeding instead of a bunch of chicks for chicks sake. It's sooooooooooo hard! I love the surprise...ducks and geese and all kinds of chicks!

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